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Eva by Liza, The Rejuvenation Clinic

Eva by Lisa is a full-service beauty and dermatology clinic offering World Class standards in a clean, safe and hi-so environment. We provide all of our clients with the highest degree of customer care in both clinical and beauty treatments. Our team of experts, including an experienced plastic surgeon, honored…

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

If we know something about luxurious hotels it’s that they’ll stop at nothing to please the customer in every way they can. Room service? Done. Transportation? Done. Guided trips? Done. Five star yacht trip across the seas? Yes, soon, it will be done too. The Ritz-Carlton unveiled this past…

Care to HIFU?

HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound has been growing in popularity worldwide since 2012 as a non-surgical face and neck lift, tightening your skin. Common treatment areas include Brow’s and forehead, chin, neck, stomach and stretch marks. HIFU works thru the use of ultrasound energy generating low levels of heat in…

MJETS, Bespoke Aviation

The private jet business has taken flight in spectacular fashion. Be it the laureate sportsman, the film star or the accomplished businessman, it has always been the affluent individual’s choice to opt for the experience of flight in the most personal way possible. In Thailand, MJETS is the market leader…

25 Ways to be good for someone else

By Lori Deschene When I was a teenager, right around the time I knew everything, my mother used to tell me I only remembered the bad things. When I told stories about my family, they didn’t revolve around family beach trips, barbecues, and vacations; they focused on painful memories and…

Reduce Aging with Botox

When I was young, I remember my grandmother telling me that inside she felt like a girl in her 20’s until she stepped near a mirror and saw an old woman looking back at her. That statement made no sense to me until I reached my 50’s and began feeling…