Hua Hin resident Spencer Wray grew up in a town called Reigate in the UK. His father owned several businesses including a construction company. Growing up Spencer learned the construction business from the ground up. The projects they were hired to do were quite varied, from refurbishing houses, restaurants, pubs and hotels to nightclubs.

In the year 2,000 Spencer moved to Hua Hin and built his own home and a few others. In 2012 he moved to Bangkok where he got a job with the company Saville’s and for two and a half years he oversaw the maintenance on 5,000 condominiums they had under contract. At the same time he was going to night school to learn project management and he also met his future wife.

In 2014 Spencer and his wife moved back to Hua Hin where they started building their SPS company. HOT Hua Hin Property recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Spencer to find out more about his company and its capabilities.

HM: Spencer, managing the maintenance on 5,000 condominiums must have been constant motion for you. What do you think you gained from that experience?

SW: Bangkok was fabulous for me. Not only did I meet my wife there but I learned so much. I controlled a workforce of 500 employees and contractors. I interfaced with customers, clients and even embassy officials. My takeaway from that time period was that I learned the importance of customer service. It was a crazy time as the work pace was a lot quicker than it is here in Hua Hin.

HM: When did you start your Spencer’s Property Services, otherwise known as SPS?

SW: SPS was started in Hua Hin in 2010. I slowed the business down whilst I was in Bangkok but then we came back with a vengeance!! My wife works with me and we are such a good team, she picks up on the things I miss and vice-versa.

HM: Does SPS specialize in certain areas or can your company handle any type of construction project?

SW: We don’t specialize in any one particular area. We are called on to do a lot of revamping of older houses, building extensions, building outside kitchens, BBQ areas and car ports. We can handle most types of construction projects that come our way. We tend to stay away from the larger development projects because they take up too much of our time. l like to see job satisfaction on the faces of our clients when we are in and out of a project in a month or so.

HM: What are some of the most requested jobs you are getting from your clients lately?

SW: Some of our most requested jobs are kitchen re-painting, landscaping, problem solving leaks and getting a house ready to be put on the market for sale. Probably our number one most requested job is kitchen refits with the newer units that are now available in Thailand coming in from Australia and the U.S., along with fitting new white goods, marble worktops, tiling and decorating. We even excavated an old swimming pool and fitted a new one.

HM: Hua Hin’s property boom happened ten years ago in 2007, are you finding that you are getting more requests from homeowner’s who want their house brought up to current standards and touched up with a little TLC?

SW: Yes, that is exactly what is happening. There are a lot of good property’s out there that just need a little bit of attention to become really great properties.

HM: Hua Hin is going through an interesting transformation in that not only are we continuing to be a retiree paradise with baby boomers buying retirement homes in Hua Hin but also younger couples with children are buying homes here. Have you been called upon by either of those groups to retrofit houses purchased?

SW: Yes, recently we have been asked to baby proof a house that entailed us reworking cupboards, sockets and installing a glass barrier around the swimming pool. On the other side of the age spectrum we have recently taken a property and made it all one level and installed hand rails in bathrooms and the pool for an older couple who have come to Hua Hin to retire.

HM: Of all the projects that you have taken on over the years, do you have a favorite and if so, why?

SW: That’s easy. The best project we have done to date is for a gentleman named Eddie in Palm Hills. Eddie wanted to use all teak wood in his remodel which is quite expensive. We did a lot of work at his home, no expense was spared on the project and it shows.

HM: When buying a new house, most developers offer a one or two year construction guarantee. Do you offer a guarantee on the work your company does and if so how many years is it?

SW: The guarantee on all my work is 2-5 years depending on the project. We stand behind our work and should a problem arise my team and I will rectify it as my reputation and good name is at stake.

HM: Do you work only in Hua Hin and Cha Am or do you accept jobs further out geographically?

SW: We have gone as far as Petchaburi in the North and Sam Roi Yod in the South. If it’s a big job we will go further. We are fortunate to be inundated with work in the local vicinity however after seeing the work we had done for a client in Hua Hin he has asked us to refurb his condo in Bangkok.

HM: Do you have a website or Facebook page where people can see some of the projects you’ve done?

SW: I have a Facebook page which I have found easier for people to see my work and for me to update. On Facebook search for @Spennyservices or search Spencers Property Services.

HM: What is the best way for a potential client to get in touch with you?

SW: There are 2 ways really, potential clients can call me on my mobile, 091 871 0128 or send me an email at “” Most people send emails with pictures explaining what they wish to do before we meet, which is helpful.

HM: When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

SW: At the moment I don’t have much spare time as I’m the father of an 11-month-old girl that’s just starting to walk so I’m mostly chasing her around the house. One day a month I might be able to go golf with friends, if I’m lucky!

HM: Thank you Spencer for taking time out of your busy day to speak with us.


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