The next 10 years will witness an increase of about 236 million people aged 65 and older throughout the world. Thereafter, from 2025 to 2050, the older population is projected to almost double to 1.6 billion globally, whereas the total population will grow by just 34 percent over the same period.

Population aging, while due primarily to lower fertility, also reflects a human success story of increased longevity. Today, living to age 70 or age 80 is no longer a rarity in many parts of the world. However, increasing longevity has led to new challenges: How many years can older people expect to live in good health? What are the chronic diseases that they may have to deal with? How long can they live independently? Will they have sufficient economic resources to last their lifetimes? Can they afford health care costs?

Andrew Stocks

A man who has put a lot of thought into the dilemma faced by this aging generation is Andrew Stocks, a Brit who moved to Thailand several years ago. According to Andrew, “Moving into a retirement home in Europe is often so expensive that people are being forced to sell their homes. Also, living in a home in Europe is often no fun at all, with the bad weather most months of the year, very few people move out from the room they are staying in.“

Andrew noticed over the past few years that Hua Hin is becoming more and more a favorite for retirees to move too and in the past 12 months Hua Hin has been awarded the top spot in the world to retire too.


With this in mind, Andrew has set about building his Sunshine International Retirement Residence in Hua Hin. Sunshine International specializes in holidays and permanent residences for those that feel they would like to have extra care.

The luxury resort, with beautiful tropical gardens, will offer high quality residential and short stay holiday’s that are focused on improving one’s well-being and overall quality of life while benefiting from exceptional care that is highly personalized to an individual’s needs. Unlike many care homes, Sunshine will hold registration for all three levels of care – residential, nursing and dementia care. This means their residents should never find themselves in a situation where they are unable to care for themselves should their needs change – peace of mind for everyone.

Sunshine will also welcome middle-aged well people too who just would feel comfortable having a nurse on call 24 Hours.

Features of the resort include private Suites that give you the sense of being independent. Each unit has a European kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom and Balcony. There is even a washing machine, all of which gives residents the feeling they are in their own home, not at a care home.

Sunshine International will also have wonderful amenities including their Meeting Point Restaurant that overlooks the Royal Blue swimming pool. a pool bar so you can sit outside and socialize while enjoying a libation, a spa and hair salon as well as a library with an extensive range of books. Sunshine will also operate a shuttle bus service to take residents to and from town for a small fee.

​Sunshine International is very affordable, the current promotion starts at just 29,900 baht per month and includes

  • 1 Thai / Foot Massage (Min stay 7 nights)
  • ​1 Hair wash per week ( Min stay 7 nights)
  • ​1 Pedicure per month / (Min stay 7 Nights)
  • ​1 Hair cut per month (Min stay 7 Nights)​
  • ​Bedding Laundry change 1 time per week
  • ​Daily Cleaning of your Suites
  • ​Nurse on Call 24 Hours per day
  • ​2 Daily Health Checks in your suite am / pm
  • ​1 Bedroomed private suite with kitchen, living room and Balcony
  • ​Use of the Swimming pool
  • ​Use of the shuttle bus to town
  • (Small charge of 50 Baht to town)
  • ​Wifi and TV Channels

Again, according to Andrew, “Sunshine International Hua Hin is not just a retirement home, it is mixed with the feelings of being a retirement home and a hotel. I don’t want my guests feeling they are going to an elderly home, I want them to feel special each day with the feeling they are on a lifelong holiday.”

For more information you can reach them at +66 (0)95 550 9505. For a tailored quotation you can email them at or for more information you can visit their website


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