On 02-02-2020 Khun Pinyaphat “Liza” Thiraphiriyakarn along with business partner, Jean-Christophe Giammatteo welcomed over 400 VIP’s, prominent figures from the entertainment industry, media and artists to the grand opening of Ajintai Thailand. Ajintai is a performance academy specializing in singing, dancing, modeling, and acting. Ajintai is also a music & television production house as well as handling marketing, P.R. & Events.

Taking place on the Meridian Alangka Dinner Cruise ship, guests were treated to a beautiful evening cruise on the Chao Phraya River along with a sumptuous dinner buffet and multiple music and dance performances from artists signed to Khun Lisa’s music label, Aisanit Inter Group (Thailand).
Performing Bands included U-Lit & Zebrahood. Surprise guests were the cast from Motorcycle, Ajintai’s first foray into series television.

VIP guests included Bangkok Socialite, Khun Sumanee Guna Kasem & Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, a Thai Scholar & Politician.

Photos courtesy of Sunya Yamaka


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