Kritsana “Benz” Nampradit is part of the new generation of Thais.  He grew up in Kanchanaburi in a family that included four sisters and a twin brother.  After graduating from college at the age of 22, he worked hard and gained a lot of experience in different industries.  After five years, he learned that the type of job he enjoyed and excelled at the most was sales and service.  As he says, “Every time I make a customer happy, It makes me happy.” 

At the age of 27, he decided he wanted to be in charge of his own destiny, to run his own business.  He looked at many industries and saw an opportunity in Thailand for anti-aging products.  Due to the increasing consciousness among both young and old individuals about their physical appearance, the sector is projected to grow 7.8%, reaching a value of US $85.1 Billion worldwide by 2025.  Benz went to his parents with a business plan in hand to start selling aesthetic serums, the most well-known being Botox.  They agreed, and Bonnie Cell Co. Ltd. was born.

As with any new business, the company had its ups (opportunities) and downs (crisis’s) until they were able to build a winning team.  Benz now employs 30 people in two offices, Rangsit and Bangkok, and gleams with pride as he describes how thru team efforts, his staff have excelled and now enjoy a better quality of life. 

Bonnie Cell currently sells 11 different types of Serums to hospitals and beauty clinics in Thailand and Vietnam.  Their most popular product is Mezo Celeb.  Imported from Japan, the serum is injected into the middle layer (mesoderm) of the skin using very thin needles.  Mesotherapy fades wrinkles and lines, tightens loose skin, and lightens pigmented skin.  Because the needles are so thin, the treatment is relatively pain-free.  Treatment typically consists of injections every week for four weeks and then again once a month, with results lasting approximately six months.

The companies second best seller is its own formulation called Bonniecel.  Also injected, Bonniecel increases stem cells in the body, rejuvenating the skin to be young again.  The treatment regiment is the same as Mezo Celeb. 

Two new products are soon to come to market: Glutathione, a vitamin for skin whitening, and Mezo Celeb Formula 2, a more potent version of the original. 

As the saying goes, “looking young never gets old” which bodes well for Benz and his team.


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