Four years ago, a Hua Hin resident named Lizzy, later to be known as the “Grande Dame of Hua Hin,” came up with an idea to raise money for charity by holding monthly social events for Hua Hin expats and Thai’s alike. She envisioned an evening with a wonderful buffet, free flow of drinks and live music for dancing. She saw it as a way for expats and Thai’s to mingle and for friendships to be forged. She wanted to call this gathering a “Multi Cultural Community” or “MCC” for short.
Of course, there were the naysayers, telling Lizzy that it would never work. But instead of listening to these people, she ventured forth, challenged to make it work.
Now one might suppose that the Lizzy’s venture started small and grew over time but that’s not what happened. What happened was quite different. MCC was a huge success from the very first event and continued to fill the Hilton Ballroom month after month.
Over the years it got so big that it became too much to try and do every month so Lizzy cut back her MCC to every couple of months.

On January 22nd at the Anantara Hua Hin Resort, Lizzy held another of her MCC events, this one celebrating the organization’s 4th anniversary. On hand were many VIP’s including The Austrian General Counsel Gerhard Goetz, Mr. Thaweesin Pattanapiras, Member of the Provincial Parliament, Deputy Lord Mayor, Khun Montri Choophoo & Hua Hin District Chief, Khun Nukhoon Wattanatkhon.


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