Walk into any bar in Thailand and chances are within 5 minutes you will hear the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles. For some reason it seems to be the National Anthem for Thailand’s Bars. The Eagles, one of the most successful musical acts of the 70’s first broke up in 1980 and it wasn’t long before fans were screaming for a re-union tour.


In Hua Hin we had a similar situation when Khun Lizzy, the Grande Dame of Hua Hin told her guests at her MCC in January of this year that it would be her very last. MCC, which stands for Multi-Cultural Community, is an event that Lizzy had put on for four years. It is a fundraising evening that is always held at a Five-Star Hua Hin Hotel and includes a wonderful buffet, free flow of beverages, music, dancing and the possibility to win many prizes via a raffle. Hundreds, if not thousands of friendships have been forged over the course of MCC’s run.
Just like The Eagles, it didn’t take long before Lizzy’s fans were screaming for another MCC and on November 15th Lizzy delivered with her MCC evening at the Royal Dusit Hall. Over 250 guests paid 1,700 baht each for the pleasure of joining in and there were smiling faces everywhere.

When asked, Lizzy said she would like to give big thanks to Rotarian’s GIANNI BATTISTINI & KHUN NAPA KEAWTEM who helped with the organization of the event, STEVE JOHNSTON from Surf 102.5FM for providing the music and all those who particiapted in the Flag Parade. Lizzy also wanted to thank her special VIP guests, KHUN RUTPRATEEB THAMMAPIPAT, Chief District Officer & Hua Hin Deputy Lord Mayor KHUN MONTRI
Lizzy’s MCC reunion tour is continuing with her next event scheduled for January 20th. The location is still being worked out but do email her to find out more information, lizzy.huahin@mycity-thailand.com.


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