Tech Talk & Tea: Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Automation
On the 23rd of August, Maneemondcha Mansion hosted TECH TALK & TEA: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE FUTURE OF AUTOMATION. The event welcomed W English students; English language learners from 15 different universities, as well as tech experts, academics and government officials.

The event was organized by 2 forward-thinking organizations based in Bangkok. The Maneemondcha Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages excellence in education by providing scholarships, enrichment programs, and support to various educational institutes throughout Thailand and W English a transformation academy of English Speaking for Thai professionals seeking to prepare and better themselves for international working environments.

The aim of the event was to prepare the young generation for the digital disruption and to learn more of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, how it might impact various industries. The event also sought to encourage students to engage in dialogue about AI, understand how AI works, the ethical implication of AI and the technology that is shaping their future.

The TECH TALK session featured 3 speakers; Founder and CEO of, Mr. Iwan Spillebeen, Digital Marketing specialist and educator, Mr. Andrew Baker, and former MP, Cabinet Advisor and Tech Industry promotor, Mr. Vachiramond Gunnakasemtanawat. They shared their insights and life experience, as well as highlighted trends on current technologies, the future of AI, education 4.0 and the ethics of Artificial intelligence.

Khun Sumanee Guna Kasem, a world-class antique collector and Thai billionaire hosted the much-anticipated event in the dining hall of her mansion. Those in attendance felt privileged to be able to enjoy afternoon tea at the table that has received and entertained members of Royal families, Ambassadors, and world-famous figures. The afternoon tea session was certainly one of the highlights of the event. Khun Sumanee spoke during the event saying, “It is always an honour to be able to motivate young minds. The talent you have and displayed today will be the proof that you have the potential to become a worthy citizen of our society and help others in various ways.”

W English students also had an opportunity to showcase their work by giving a presentation expressing their views and thoughts on “The impact of digital transformation on each industry” during a Think Tank session. Three guest speakers together with Khun Paralee Tohsouksee, (English Unlocked Specialist and Founder of W English) were present as mentors and commentators during this session.

The event was a great success and ended with a remarkable closing speech by K. Vachiramond urging the students to continue their journey of lifelong learning by asking themselves “WHY”. “The question that I often ask myself before I do anything is “WHY” Why am I doing this? Why am I here today? And to see the development of young Thai people who are willing to strive for their dreams is the “WHY” to me today. So my advice to you is to find your own “WHY” to what you want to do in life.

At the end of the event Maneemoncha Foundation and W English announced their upcoming event: SEPTEMBER ISSUE; Artificial Intelligence in Fashion. For further information please contact Paralee at 082 445 4406 or


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