On Friday August 31st the grand opening of Vana Nava Sky took place, officially launching it as a world-class bar destination and introducing the new mixology culture. This innovative icon of Hua Hin features a glass-bottomed sky deck along with top notch mixology.

Ms. Proudputh Liptapanlop, Executive Director of Proud Real Estate, the company that owns and manages the Holiday Inn Resort Vana Nava Hua Hin, where Vana Nava Sky is located, along with the Vana Nava Water Jungle next door had this to say, “During overseas trips, most tourists have visited not just key tourist sites but also a spot offering a panoramic view of the city, the very spot from a skyscraper whereby they can immensely enjoy the city’s beautiful landscape.

World-class destinations usually have iconic rooftop bars that are landmarks reminiscent of their city’ unique appeal. When people visit such destinations, landmark bars are on the must-visit list. So many cities around the world boast famous bar destinations, thus creating beautiful memories for visitors. Among these cities are London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

To bolster Hua Hin’s image as a world-class destination, we have now launched “Vana Nava Sky”. Recruiting renowned bar designer and quality mixologists for this so special venue, we are confident that Vana Nava Sky will become Hua Hin’s new icon. From today onward, it will welcome tourists from all over the world”.

Vana Nava Sky materializes from the outstanding concepts of world-renowned Ashley Sutton, the creative mind behind several successful bars such as Maggie Choo’s and Iron Fairies in Bangkok, and Ophelia in Hong Kong.
Talking about his latest bar design, Sutton said, “Vana Nava Sky presents a unique vista of Hua Hin with its 60-square-meter glass-bottomed observation deck. Located on the 27th or the highest floor of Holiday Inn Vana Nava Hua Hin, this bar is more than 110 meters above the ground. From Vana Nava Sky, everyone can enjoy the unobstructed panoramic view of Hua Hin town, sea, TaKiab Mountain and Tao Mountain. Step over the tempered low iron glass of the Sky Deck and you will feel like walking in the air. This fascinating deck can accommodate up to 40 persons each time”.

Sutton went on to say, “My background in the pearling and fishing industry in Australia influenced the Vana Nava Sky design. Mother of pearl, the queen of elegance from the sea, has inspired every aspect of décor while the arches on the ceiling represent the curvature of a wave breaking on the beach. This married with crafted timber shell panels, gives a feeling of the seaside atmosphere we all want for. I have also come up with the special selection of materials namely Cambodian sandstone, imported European fabrics and authentic leather, plus white marble from Tibet, to add extra luxury and finesse”.

Joseph Boroski, a celebrity mixologist, is famous around the world for his exceptional skills and creative cocktails. Under his belt are remarkable work experiences with luxury bars across various continents. Joining Vana Nava Sky as a consultant, he has concocted its Signature Drinks. “I focus on serving refreshing cocktails that exude the feel and taste of the sea, using seasonal and local fruits, indigenous herbs and flowers. Combining mixology with refined arts, my creations for Vana Nava Sky are available in four categories: CLOUDS, TROPICAL, SOLID and EASY. Together, they feature more than 20 items for customers to choose. Each of these items is unique in colour and taste. Thai Urban Iced Tea, a Signature Drink at Vana Nava Sky, is inspired by local iced tea that was once a legend in Hua Hin’s Chatchai Market. We have added the modern touch to the typical drink, which used to be sold in a small bag, with its identity and Thai’ness intact. This drink is exclusively available at Vana Nava Sky only,” Boroski says.

Additional talent brought in for their expertise included; Jane Kowe who was voted Thailand’s Best Bartender for 2018 by World Class, known as the toughest of all bartending competitions, Guilherme Jimenez from Chile, Shanghai’s Hottest Bartender and China’s Best Mixologist for 2018 and Khun Jib, Diageo World Class Top six contender 2017 and the first Female Bartender who made the top ten at the DIAGEO Reserve World Class 2018 competition.

Ron Ramirez, known as the Magician of Spirits & Alchemist of Asia, is Vana Nava Sky’s General Manager. Ron brings more than 15 years of experience in hotel and luxury-bar management and had this to say, “I trust that my mixology and culinary experience in several countries across the world has enriched my creativity for unique beverages and drinks and I have prepared a variety of them as a perfect match with Vana Nava Sky’s International Tapas. Vana Nava Sky is now the only place in Hua Hin where you can enjoy Sky Brunch or a brunch up high on a deck. Diners can enjoy the stunning view alongside delicious food that has been specially designed for each month. This is a perfect place to hangout with friends and also for spending memorable time with someone special,” Ramirez says.

The highest bar and terrace in Hua Hin, soaring star-wards on level 27 of Holiday Inn Vana Nava Hua Hin, there’s nowhere else quite like it for soaking up a stunning sunset and sliding into exciting seaside nightlife vibes.

Vana Nava Sky can host remarkable special events and private parties for up to 100 guests and is open every day, 11am – midnight. For more information, please call +66 32 809 999 or visit www.vananavasky.com


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