Khun Penlada Krutkos is a Thai doctor who owns five surgery and aesthetic clinics in Thailand under the name Aime Clinic.  K. Penlada is also a National Director for several female beauty pageants and owns her own pageant called Miss Queen Aime, which is a transgender pageant.  HOT Magazine recently had the pleasure of sitting down with K. Penlada to discuss her interesting life. 

HM:  Khun Penlada, where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? 

PK:  I was born in Bangkok, growing up in a family with a single mom and my dad’s parents.  I loved outdoor sports such as horse riding, windsurfing, cycling, etc…   

HM:  At what age did you know you wanted to be a doctor and why did you choose this profession?   

PK:  don’t remember the age but I always loved learning and was familiar with hospitals because my mom was a nurse.  As a young girl I dreamed to be a nurse too but then as I became older I decided to become a doctor instead.   

HM:  Can you tell us your medical specialty and what services you provide that are most popular? 

PK:  I graduated board certified from the faculty of medicine at Siriraj Mahidol University in the field of Anatomical Pathology.  I’ve worked in Aesthetic Clinics since 2005 and established my first Aime Clinic in 2013.  Every branch provides various Aesthetic Services which covers all of my customers desires.  Popular services include Laser, Botox and Fillers, Rhinoplasty & Breast Augmentation. 

HM:  You are a very driven woman, owning 5 Surgery and Beauty clinics in 4 provinces that you visit weekly.  How do you manage your time and are you able to take any time off during the week?  

PK: My time is divided into two parts, one as a Doctor and two as a Business Executive.  I visit every clinic once a week which doesn’t leave much time for other pursuits. 

HM:  Will you stop at 5 or will you open more clinics in Thailand? 

PK:  I plan to open more branches in other big cities in Thailand and would like to open an Aesthetic Hospital in the future. 

HM:  On top of the time at your clinics you are also a National Director for 3 female pageants; Miss Supermodel Worldwide, Miss Culture Worldwide and Miss Jewel of the World.  Can you tell us about this aspect of your life?  How did you get involved?  Where do you find your contestants? 

PK:  It all started when girls started coming to me for aesthetic work because they had dreams to enter beauty pageants.  Later on I decided that my Aime Clinic would sponsor women for several pageants, both domestic and international.   

HM:  What benefit do you derive from being the National Director of these pageants?   

PK:  I feel much happiness to see these women succeed in making their dreams come true.  They are great representatives of Thailand and are also “Beauty Ambassadors” for my Aime Clinics as well.  I look forward to continuing these projects in the future.   

HM:  You have also produced your own beauty pageant for 3 years called Miss Queen Aime which is a transgender pageant.  How did this come about and why did you choose to make it for transgenders? 

PK:  It is undeniable that nowadays the third category of girls can be very beautiful, just as beautiful as real women and almost all of them need aesthetic services.  This was the beginning point for Aime Clinic to launch the Beauty Pageant.  The winners are presenters of the clinic and I support them as they compete in other national pageants 

HM:  We understand that you are also a fan of big bikes.  What kind of motorcycle do you own and do you get to spend much time on it?  

PK:  Nowadays, I rarely have time to ride a big bike as my days and evenings are full.  But my favorite bikes are the enduro-touring styles like the BMW F800GS & R1200GS and the KTM990AGV.   

HM:  You are a very busy woman.  If you could take a month-long holiday starting tomorrow, where would you go and why? 

PK:  I love nature & natural beauty rather than the big vibrant city with crowds of people.  If I could have free time for 1 month I’d love to catch the Trans-Siberian Train from China to Russia and the route Qinghai – Tibet, as well as touring in China, Tibet, Nepal & Russia.    

HM:  Thank you Khun Penlada for your time 

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