A press conference was held on 9 September at the Bangkok mansion of Celebrity Socialite and Chairwoman of the Mister National Universe Organization, Khun Sumanee Guna-Kasem. Over 30 media attended the press conference that was held to announce that Ithpumm “Photo” Tanatchock has been named Deputy Director of the Mister National Universe Organization and that the next Mister National Universe competition will take place in 2021. The 2020 edition has been canceled due to Covid 19’s travel restrictions.

After the press conference, Khun Sumanee hosted an Afternoon Tea

The 28 VIP Guests, including Ms. Tanya Siri Vijitsomphong, Mr. Gerhard Goetz, Mr. Roger Ip, Mrs. Elsa Wyss, Mr. Andrew Stocks, Ms. Chetsupa Babay, Mr. Russ Downing, Ms. Chayanisa “Joy” Ruksaweang, Mr. Warner Oskar, Mr. Tjeert Kwant, Ms. Rafha Khongngam, Mr. Kritsana Nampradit, Mr. Arthit “Seagame” Mekarkard, Ms. Somruedee Yoenram, Mr. Saharat Phangsoongnern, Grand Winner of Mister National Thailand 2020 & Mister National Universe 2018, Kaushik Prasai. Ba’b’ay by Lhing provided desert for the afternoon tea.

Following the tea, Khun Sumanee hosted an “After Party” for guests that included a lively evening of Karaoke.


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