What is your full name and age?

My name is Andrew Stocks, I was born in 1970, and I am just 49 years old, but in a few days, I am 50……. Luckily I can still say 49.

What is your current Job Position?

I am an Entrepreneur and the director of my companies, but my latest job is the one that is taking most of my time, and it’s called Sunshine International. I am responsible for spreading the brand across Thailand. It’s a very stressful job, but I love it.

How long have you lived in Hua Hin or been coming to Hua Hin?

I have lived in Hua Hin for about 13 Years now. The First time I came was way back around 25 years ago. It was really so different in them days, nothing here much and today it has almost everything.

What did you know about Hua Hin before you moved here?

I just knew it was a quiet fishing village, and due to the King’s residence being here, I knew it was more high class than all the other tourist areas.

What do you like most about your profession?

I love to set challenges bigger than my visions and try my best to achieve them, and close to that, I love to see my staff grow as I grow. I love them to achieve new things in their life.

What do you like least about your profession?

Sometimes it’s very frustrating trying to work with another culture, but I try to understand the culture and the Sabai way of life, but it’s not the way I have been used too. I come from a family who wants everything done yesterday, and that’s so difficult here in Thailand.

What do you like most about Hua Hin?

Life is much slower here than where I lived in Pattaya before. It has more of a family feeling and so much more peaceful, and most of the tourists here are more normal too.

What is your favorite restaurant, and why? (please don’t promote your own restaurants)

My Favourite restaurant is Sizzlers. I love to go to Sizzler’s often and eat the salad bar.

What do you like to do in your free time and why?

On weekends I normally go to a Five Star hotel and relax and not move out of the hotel. I enjoy using the hotel’s facilities like swimming pools and drink a nice relaxing glass of champagne. Early to bed and just relax and enjoy the luxury of the hotel.

What would you recommend to new-comers to do in Hua Hin and why?

I always recommend people to go to the Anantasila Hotel for lunch because I love the setting so much. It’s a beautiful entrance to the hotel with all the orchids, and the beach is Paradise too!

Tell us a surprising fact that the public might not know about you?

Most people are surprised that I am so normal and not the serious person they thought I was. Many are surprised at how down to earth I am.

What is the most outlandish thing you have ever done and why?

When I was a kid I used to sell Licorice sweets shaped like shoelaces. I would go to Makro, buy a box of 50 sweets, and stretch each one and then cut them in half and double my money…. I feel bad about that now!


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