July 28th, 2016 saw the very first Mister National Thailand competition, produced and presented by HOT Hua Hin Co. Ltd., the parent company of this magazine. The event took place in the grand ballroom of the Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok. Close to 400 people joined in the inaugural event, including local, national and international media.

The winners from that night went on to compete and win at many International Pageants. So many won or placed that Misterology, the largest online magazine covering Male Pageants, proclaimed it to be the Best Performing Pageant in the World at the time. Of the winners from that night, Mr. Narapat Sakunsong went on to win Mister Model International, held in New Deli. Narapat was the first Asian ever to win the competition. Richard Riccardo won Mister Universe Tourism at the competition held in Manila. Jam P-Mekjabzty won 1st Runner-Up at Mister Grand International in Vigan, Philippines. Phan Suphachok took 4th Runner-up title at Mister Tourism World 2016 in Luzon, Philippines, and SeaGame Mekarkard, the Grand Winner of the 2016 Mister National Thailand Competition took 1st Runner-up at the Mister National Universe Competition held in Bangkok in 2017.

On Sunday, February 23rd, HOT Magazine produced its 2020 Mister National Thailand competition, taking place in the ballroom of the MeStyle Museum Hotel in Bangkok.

Fourteen men competed for three titles; Mister National Thailand 2020, Mister Tourism Worldwide Thailand 2020 & Mister Model Worldwide Thailand 2020.

To prepare for the big night, each man had to participate in the 20-day challenge. Every day they had to post pictures on social media of them at the gym, eating healthy, being coached, etc., all in preparation for the final night.

The opening speech was given by the Honorary Chairwoman for the evening, well-known Thai celebrity, socialite and businesswoman Khun Sumanee Guna Kasem.

With the theme “Runway to the Universe,” the competition started with a runway parade where each candidate, dressed in casual sportswear by Air Slim, introduced themselves. The female energy in the room was peaking as the men next came out in their VG by Yothin swimwear.

It was then time for the ladies to shine as guests enjoyed a female fashion show by celebrity Nadear Ilynn showcasing her ILYNN Official brand.
Major tenents of the competition are that contestants must speak English well and present themselves with confidence. Essential skills as they will be representing the Kingdom at international competitions in the coming year. Their skills were put to the test when the judges and audience got to hear each contestant introduce themselves and speak to this years talking point, “Role Model”

The Mister National Thailand Competition takes place every two years. While the 2018 winners took their final walk down the white carpet, the judges narrowed the field from 14 to 8 candidates.

Special Awards were up next. “Mister Perfect Body” by Fit Stone Gym went to Tawatchai Phaipong. “Mister Perfect Skin” by Welpano went to Songkran Udomsak. “Mister Photogenic” went to Wittaya Suwannathep with “Mister Popular Vote” going to Nattasak Phumnoi & “Brand Ambassador for Sunshine International” going to Narubest Calhoun.

With the top 8 announced, they each answered a randomly picked question from fans. Judged once again by their presence and English skills, the field was narrowed again to just five. Those five all had to answer the same question, “What does the New Gen of the Future mean to you”?
And with the final answer, it was time for the judges to go to work and decide who the winners would be.

And the winners were;

Ms. Tanya Siri Vijitsomphong, Organization Founder, along with her team, Carima Khakhao, Sunya Yamaka & Numaon Suppachat oversaw all pageant operations. Ms. Siri Vijitsomphong had this to say about the event, “This third edition of Mister National Thailand had us all a little nervous because of the success of our past editions with winners who always brought back glory to Thailand. There was also tremendous pressure to come up with something original because others have chosen to copy what we have done in the past. That said, I am incredibly proud to see the depth of talent in our winners and I am confident that they too will make all Thai people proud when they go on to compete internationally. “

Official Photographers for Mister National Thailand are Sunya Yamaka, Yothin Bututham & Richard Riccardo.


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