Amongst the many teachings of His Majesty the Late King, were the methods of self-sufficiency and sustainability that he urged farmers and Thais in the countryside to not only learn, but embody as lifestyles for change, sustainability and progress. This month we take you to the King’s Chang Hua Mun development projects in Phetchaburi.

295300Started by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2008, the Chang Hua Man Royal Project initially comprised of a one hundred acre plot of land that showed how financially practical harvests can be developed without the usage of fertilizers or other potentially harmful chemicals. A dairy ranch was subsequently built with fields to raise bovines. This was done to urge agriculturists and farmers to venture into dairy cultivating. The project is aimed at enhancing the lives of agriculturists and farmers in Phetchaburi and other adjacent provinces.

The project can be visited and the most ideal approach is to go on a guided visit. Walking and cycling is also an option to go to different places. Inside, one finds the rice paddies, barns and natural product plantations.

maxresdefaultGuests are allowed to venture everywhere throughout the cultivating range. People are urged to get some first-hand experience and dare to join in with some harvest planting in the rice paddies. Visiting the project is fantastic for summer occasions, particularly for urban people who so regularly distance themselves from the environments where their food originates and have little idea about how it is developed.

s_158920_3976The ranch is in a significantly uneven area, thus flawlessly situated to saddle the force of the wind. There is an exhibit of wind power where individuals can find out about the energy forms that bring sustainable development. There is equally a little, two-story estate, where His Majesty the King is said to have stayed while first assessing the venture as it was developing. Guests who want to take home a portion of the homestead’s produce for themselves, can go to a nearby Golden Place shop, where organic products from the royal project are sold, including dairy items and uncommon types of flower.

img_7577_cover-620x392Amongst the many things that can be found within the bounds of the Royal Project are wind turbines and solar panels to generate renewable energy, which contribute to the round cycle of sustainable subsistence processes. One also finds organic fertilizer production, and crops to grow fruits the likes of papayas, bananas, pumpkins, coconuts, lemons, sugarcanes and dragon fruits. Equally, the vegetable counterpart grows delicacies such as asparagus, sweet basil and cherry tomatoes, as well as exotic vegetables such as watercress okras and bitter gourds.

lknnnyAll in all, the Chang Hua Mun sustainable development royal project will live on as one of the legacies of His Majesty the Late King, a legacy which Thais across the nation will embrace not only because of its usefulness, but because of the symbolism of the philosophical message it carries along with it.


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