Presenting a new way to savour the true tastes of Thailand in every sense. On the 7th of December the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort’s Pirom restaurant unveiled its updated dining concept highlighting Thailand’s distinctive culinary as well as cultural heritage.

Chef Mama Duu

With Chef Mama Duu as diners’ culinary guide, the concept puts special focus on Thailand’s four culinary regions; North, South, Central and Northeast. Pirom’s reworked and extensive menu features classic and contemporary dishes along with special tasting and sharing selections, great for families and groups.

Also new to Pirom are pairing menus that combine Thai dishes with alcohol and non-alcohol beverages such as Thai wines and herbal drinks. According to the resort’s General Manager Michael Janssen, “we wanted to create a total Thai cuisine experience. A major part of that is our new emphasis on Thailand’s culinary regions and the specialties within each. Outside of Thailand we tend to think of Thai food in terms of a few well-known dishes. But the number and range of dishes across the country is incredible and that’s why we’re fortunate to have Chef Mam Duu at Pirom. She’s truly a Thai food virtuoso.”

Mr Janssen speaks of Chef de Cuisine Jasvir San-Ghera, better known by her many fans as Chef Mama Duu, who oversees and directs the restaurant’s new concept. A Thai native, she’s widely known in the country and beyond for her appearances on cookery shows and travel programmes including Thailand’s Khun Toi Kitchen, China’s Chef Nic, and Australia’s Luxury Escapes; she’s also been a judge for Iron Chef Thailand.

To Pirom restaurant Chef Mama Duubrings more than three decades of kitchen experience and a thorough knowledge of one of the world’s most complex cuisines, including, as Mr Janssen noted, a mastery of the ingredients, cooking methods and presentations specific to each of Thailand’s four culinary regions.


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