Sanlorenzo Asia, a division of Simpson Marine, recently announced the sale of their second 44Alloy superyacht to Asia. The first was sold in late 2018 and is expected to launch in Autumn.

The fast displacement 44.5 metre, 470 GT, an entirely aluminum built superyacht, is the new 2020 model expected to premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. Renown yacht designer and long-term partner of Sanlorenzo for the new SX and relaunched SD line, the Zuccon International Project studio has been in charge of exterior styling and interior design.

The yacht is characterised by clean, sporty lines with distinctive cut-outs in the bulwarks to provide unlimited sea views from the main deck and a sky lounge on the upper deck. The 44Alloy is a highly capable fast cruiser able to reach a maximum speed of 22 knots. The aft side of the hull comprises of a spacious beach club that opens on three sides with a lateral tender garage featuring a 7m tender.

An innovative feature is the exceptional master cabin, which spans over three levels and covers a total of 145 sqm, a solution of ultimate comfort never seen before on a yacht of this size. The suite comprises its own private outdoor bow lounge area with a private pool.

The new 44Alloy is a true conceptual update of the prize-winning 40Alloy, Sanlorenzo’s 40 metre aluminium model famous for its fold-out terraces in the owner’s zone, gullwing doors on the bridge and its remarkable performance and commercial success, with as many as ten yachts sold. The 44Alloy is set to repeat her predecessor success with five units sold to date, before her official launch.

“We are extremely proud of this sale given the current climate, and it goes to show the passion of our owners to power forward and enjoy life on the ocean in what are certainly challenging times. The client is an experienced yacht owner who sought a state of the art design and a yacht that made the most of the spaces on board. The 44Alloy certainly does this with its unique use of spaces both internally and externally. The owner suite, for example, has been brilliantly developed by Bernardo Zuccon spanning three floors and enabling the space to be used in so many different ways. We are also delighted to welcome not one but two of the 44Alloy yachts in Asia in addition to several other Sanlorenzo superyachts already cruising in the region”, says Nick Stratton, Sanlorenzo Asia Sales Manager.

HOT Magazine recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick to talk about Sanlorenzo and his role as Asia Sales Manager.

HOT: As the Asia Sales Manager for Sanlorenzo, which countries are you focusing most of your efforts on and which would you say are up and coming?

Nick: My team and I are responsible for the whole of Asia so our efforts go into promoting the brand across the region. Our two head offices are in Hong Kong and Singapore where we have dedicated Sanlorenzo spaces for clients to discuss about their Sanlorenzo yachts and superyachts in a fine and relaxed setting. The most recent Southeast Asia HQ being in Singapore where we recently opened a stunning new office designed by Piero Lissoni located in the prestigious Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove.

Our activations around Asia throughout the years have been enjoying great success. Sanlorenzo dominance in Asia within this short span of years has been a great journey so far and we are all very focused to bring this bespoke yachting lifestyle to our clients in the region.

HOT: With Sanlorenzo’s starting at almost 24 meters, are any of your clientele first-time boat owners?

Nick: Yes, absolutely. Yachts are increasing in size and owners of a certain type have a need for luxury and comfort – this is really only reached with a yacht of this size and more. It is expensive to switch and change so starting at a larger size is a sensible buying decision with longer term use.

Sanlorenzo bespoke craftsmanship takes on an exclusive journey between Sanlorenzo and owners, designing and building their very own unique made-to-measure yacht. This experience is truly unlike any other and that is also one reason why we have first-time boat owners owning a Sanlorenzo yacht.

Back in March, we were delighted to present the Sanlorenzo SL78 in Phuket at a luxury resort and we had the opportunity to showcase this entry-level superyacht’s best features in person. Guests were all in awe by the streamlined profile, elegant, clean design and welcoming living area of the yacht.

HOT: For over 60 years, Sanlorenzo has crafted tailor-made motor yachts focusing on their client’s desires. Has a buyer ever requested a feature that sounded crazy at first, but in the end turned out to be a great idea?

Nick: The beauty of Sanlorenzo is that we try our very best not to say no. Sanlorenzo is well known for being innovative and leading the industry with many award winning yachts. Each Sanlorenzo range marks a different distinction of luxury craftsmanship for individual owner to experience. Being a custom yacht builder, sitting with the owner and working together to make their vison our reality is a very natural process. It is what makes our yachts so distinctive. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

HOT: What do you see as the new trends in yachting? Is it going bigger, or is it new features that are creating the most interest?

Nick: Trends differ between markets. In Hong Kong for example yachts tend to be used more locally exploring the stunning local cruising grounds. In S.E.A yachts cruise more between countries often re-locating between seasons. In both cases quality, comfort and design are all consistent trends and then within the brand we have a variety of “types” so suit all needs – whether it be for an owner that wants speed, or a slower yacht to travel further.

HOT: Thanks Nick.

Just before publishing this issue, Sanlorenzo also made news with a possible merger /acquisition of Italian Superyacht builder Pernini Navi. The procurement would give Sanlorenzo one of the world’s strongest sailing superyacht brands. In a statement from the shipyard, Sanlorenzo commented that it will analyse the potential takeover during a “period of exclusivity” during which it will “assess possible costs and synergies and evaluate any interest in concluding the transaction.” Should the acquisition go ahead as planned, the statement clarifies that Perini Navi would then be “majority-owned” by Sanlorenzo.

Famous for building the 289-foot Maltese Falcon and the 197-foot sailing superyacht Seven, Perini Navi reported orders from last September’s Monaco Yacht Show valued at $176 million (€160 million), with seven yachts under construction.

Sanlorenzo has been aggressively expanding over the last decade, having delivered 103 superyacht projects during that time. Before Covid-19, it was scheduled to deliver another 24 yachts this year. For last year, it reported its strongest financial year ever, with net sales of $500 million (€455 million), up 39.3 percent from 2018.

Sanlorenzo is represented in Asia by leading regional yacht sales, charter, and management company Simpson Marine. For additional information go to or (office number: +66 76 317 305).


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