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0 Red Mountain – Woodlands Residences

Woodlands Master Plan ‘Woodlands’ is set in beautiful rolling hills and tropical countryside and consists of 68 land plots with approximately 1/4 of the development dedicated to large scale homes on minimum 1000sqm plots. To date the project is 35% sold since we launched sales only 10 months ago and…

Featured Developments
0 Orchid Palm’s – Mali, Luxury by Design

Luxury by design. Three simple words, when used to express a brand identity, hold enough power to impact the sales of any large multinational company. Orchid Palm Homes. Three simple words that have long been synonymous with “luxury by design” launched their latest project – Mali Residence – much to…

Property News
0 Hua Hin Welcomes the High Life

Courtesy Property Report Last month saw the annual G8 summit—or G7, given Russia’s temporary suspension—but here in Thailand we have our own version of the Group of Eight called the LOS (Land of Smiles) 5. The LOS 5 consists of our five most internationally recognised cities; Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket,…

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