03652-5Thailand has no shortage of luxury spas but one of the very best is the Dusit Thani’s Devarana Spa. Recognizing the important role that exercise plays in a healthy body they have created a new combination of massages, which it has compiled into a package called the “The “Post Workout Revival”.

Keeping fit is something incredibly pivotal to maintaining a healthy body and this becomes progressively important, as we grow older. For aging baby-boomers, exercising can prolong good and sustained health and grants an optimum physiological state. It can equally relieve stress, aid circulation and maintain the flexibility that is so often lost thru the years. Stretching before and after exercise (or as exercise itself) also does that, not only by keeping muscles loose but also by preventing their atrophy and ensuring the strength of their fibre.

03652-43This new package focuses itself on the revitalization of the body after strenuous exercise, a treat ideal for a range of ages, from the avid young sportsman to the senior exercise fan: the Post Workout Revival serves these purposes. When choosing this package you will begin with a soothing experience of entering the massage room to the tune of melodic harps and flutes, your blood pressure immediately drops as you take in the heavenly surroundings and your mind drifts away from the thoughts of your daily stress.
Then, comes the first point of contact from the masseuse. The initial procedure to this package is the Devarana Signature Massage, which consists of a unique combination of styles mixed into one: the first is a strong Ayurveda, Thai and Shiatsu application with Swedish aromatherapy inspirations. This provides the individual with an optimum balance between stress releasing ancient Siamese techniques and Japanese blends of pressure point stimulation.

03652-53 This signature massage is accompanied by the provision of a bowl of hot water filled with kaffir limes that emit an enticing aroma, ideal for the respiratory cleansing of the lungs.

As we go through the hour and a half of this wonderful combination of massages, we go onto the facial stage: this is culminated by the application of a rejuvenating Cooling Aloe Gel Face Mask that brings out the best of the dermis. This is a process in which the pores are opened and the oiliness and impureness of the face is extracted through the cleansing and regenerative properties of the face pack. This is also beneficial to lower the temperature of the skin, as the refreshing and chilling properties of the Aloe Vera act as an agent to reduce the heat of the body, something ideal after having gone through vigorous and tiring physical activity. The exfoliating properties of this facemask leave the individual completely ready for the next stage of the package’s treat.

03652-49Having gone through the body stimulus stage and the facial reinvigoration process, we are left with the last step to provide an optimum workout recovery program. To do this, the individual is first presented with an aromatic herbal bath of scented water in which he is submerged for a thirty-minute treatment that rinses out all the impurities in the skin and cleanses the dermis so that it remains fresh and optimally conditioned. Then, as you exit with rejuvenated pores, a cold rain shower is in order. This latter and final stage provides the opportunity to relieve the soreness in the muscles, provide tone to the refreshed skin and widen the blood vessels in order to prevent the body from suffering muscle and tissue injuries.

This ideal way of rejuvenating the body is of great use for a range of people: from those who like physical outdoor activities to those who just partake in light exercise. Thailand is infamous for sending its sport-avid visitors and sunbathers home with a characteristic sunburn, but with the Post Workout Revival, the solution to this problem has been found. Overall the experience at the Dusit Thani’s Devarana Spa is always a moment to savour, something that will grant the body an incredible treat. Now, with the addition of the revitalising “Post Work-Out Revival” the pleasure only heightens.


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