What is your full name and age?
My name is Chainarong Pipitweeranund. I’m 51 years old.

What is your current Job Position?
I’m General Manager of Putahracsa Hua Hin.

How long have you lived in Hua Hin or been coming to Hua Hin?
I’m resident of Hua Hin. I was born here and live here for 51 years.

What did you know about Hua Hin before you moved here?
I know Hua Hin very well as it is my hometown.

What do you like most about your profession?
For myself, I would say I love it, because I get to know and work with a lot of people. The Hospitality Industry is People’s Business, and that to me is what matters. It is tough, however, it is a challenge that if you manage to overcome, in the end it brings you a great satisfaction and joy.

What do you like least about your profession?
There’s no least favourite of hospitality every aspect of hospitality is very important ranging from security guard to operations manager. They all work toward the achievement of organization objective which customers satisfaction.

What do you like most about Hua Hin?
Hua Hin is the seashore town, it’s the Royal family summer palace and the luxury place to live in Thailand.

What is your favorite restaurant and why? (please don’t promote your own restaurants)
My favorite restaurant is Hua Hin Grill Chicken, in front of TMB bank. Because they provide the best taste of charcoal grill chicken in town and also various of Esan food as well.

What do you like to do in your free time and why?
For my long holiday, I like to travelling aboard or other favourite city in North of Thailand because I can visit the beautiful place and learn more in the difference culture of other people or country.

What would you recommend to new-comers to do in Hua Hin and why?
I will recommend them to visit one of the most beautiful National Park in Thailand, it’s called “Kao Sam Roi Yot National Park”. It is a labyrinth of caves, and viewpoints attaining nirvana of outdoor enthusiasts. Spend the day exploring the beautiful and very peaceful beaches, desolate islands and freshwater marshes.

Tell us a surprising fact that the public might not know about you?
I like cooking. I enjoy creating the menus and I will be very appreciated when someone taste my menu and love them.

What is the most outlandish thing you have ever done and why?
I have put the expensive super car in the middle of a swimming pool stage. I created this idea for the party of club members.


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