Thailand has often been referred to as a place of extremes, and I experienced those extremes this week as I stepped through the doors of the Intercontinental Spa. I left the noise and chaos of the traffic, the oppressive heat, and the unique smells of Thailand behind me, and was immediately transported to tranquil, indulgent Thailand.

The spa is tastefully decorated with intricate wood paneling covering the walls, and the more alluring aroma of lemongrass filled the space. The noise from the traffic outside disappeared and was replaced by gentle, soothing music. I took a deep breath… I was starting to relax already.

The staff at the Intercontinental Spa must be commended on their attention to detail. As soon as I was seated in the reception area, I was brought a refreshing cold towel, a herbal drink, and a light snack. The manager knelt beside me as she noted my requirements for their Signature Oriental Massage: Was there an area that required more attention during the massage? What level of pressure would I like? Did I have any medical conditions they should be informed of?

After changing into cushioned slippers, I followed my masseuse and padded my way down the corridor to my massage room for my pampering to begin. The temperature of the room was set to my comfort level, and the lighting was subdued. I was left to change into a soft robe and one of those very interesting pairs of disposable underpants!

To begin my massage, my feet were washed and exfoliated in a bowl of smooth pebbles. I was ushered to the massage table where I could gaze through the hole onto a bowl of flowers. The cushioned table, the aroma, and the gentle music, were already lulling me into a blissful state.

My masseuse, Khun Goy, began kneading away at my back and shoulders, She checked if she was using the right amount of pressure. Forming words was too much effort in my relaxed state, I could only manage to make a few humming sounds to communicate my approval. She honed in on those knots in my back and gently worked them into submission. With long, smooth strokes she soothed my feet and legs. It is hard to describe much about the actual massage as I was just so relaxed my brain was in neutral!

As with all massages, 90 minutes seem to pass in an instant. Although my massage room had its own private shower, Khun Goy suggested that I not shower, but rather to leave the oil on my skin to let it soak in and continue to hydrate it over the next couple of hours.

Reluctantly, I had to leave my tranquil Thailand room. I changed back into my clothes, slid into the slippers, and padded back out to the reception area where a hot ginger tea and a snack was waiting. It would have been wonderful just to sit there for the rest of the afternoon, but I was ready. The tension in my back was gone, I smelt great, and I looked serene, so with a ‘Khup Khun Mar Kar’, I opened the doors and went back out to the noise and traffic chaos, and simply floated through the rest of the day.

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

33/33, Petchkasem Road

Hua Hin

+66 32 616 999


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