I have visited the The Spa, the in-house Spa of Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa before but I was excited to see what was new with their treatment menu. The Spa is set up conveniently just a short staircase from the lobby and has a distinctively different feel to the rest of the hotel. Whereas the hotel is modern with Asian touches The Spa is very Thai in design as the design brief was to use ancient Khmer architecture as an influence. The Spa features wooden floors, décor items that evoke Thai tradition with burst of color in pillows and decorative items. The Spa has ten luxurious treatment rooms set in a tranquil corridor and all rooms have traditional doors. The rooms follow the theme from the lobby but the views towards the pool and the beach are modern Hua Hin. This makes for a very nice setting for a treat for yourself, relaxing you even before the treatment has even started.

The Spa offers a complete spa experience, from modern Western therapies to traditional Asian treatments. They offer traditional treatments such as scrubs but bring it to another level by allowing you to choose your own scrub blends. As for massages they can be customized too, by allowing the guest to chose the time and type of massage suited for each individual. Modern treatments include world famous Guinot facials and more traditional treatments can be found in their Signatures packages featuring massages, scrubs etc.

For me, after a consultation the treatment chosen was the Coffee scrub 60 minutes and aromatic massage 60 minutes. My treatment room followed the same design element as the main areas with Thai artifacts and warm yet comfy luxurious fabrics to surround me. To freshen me up, Khun Ploy my therapist, started by treating my feet to a salt scrub rub down in warm water whilst I got in the mood to relax.

This was followed by the Coffee scrub applied to my whole body for 60 minutes. The scrub application isn’t just slap handedly applying scrub; instead Khun Ploy with care and technique applied the scrub to really remove the dead skin. The smell of the scrub is the most amazing part of the treatment, you smell like a delightful coffee on a cold morning. I usually tend to not to enjoy scrubs and just want the end result, a nice skin and be off. But in my expert therapist hand the application of the scrub became almost like a massage. Not a bad deal if you think about it, 60 minutes scrub followed by 60 minutes massage. After the scrub you are led to your own private shower to rinse off the coffee grind. Your skin re-emerges to, well, how it used to be in younger days.

Next came an aromatherapy massage like no other. I was told by the staff that Khun Ploy has many years’ experience as a Spa therapist and it showed. I was out in no time and can hardly remember much of especially the second half of the treatment. I struggled not to fall asleep but with Khun Ploy’s very unique and wonderful massage technique it just made me surrender and snore my little head off. The treatment ended with some ginger tea and snacks to wake you up, I suspect.


My favorite thing about this package was the scent of the scrub and the amazing detoxing and cleansing properties of it. Does this mean my insides are clean every morning after my morning coffee?
The massage was just pure bliss from beginning to end, I can’t say more than that. I feelt very embarrassed when I woke up knowing that I had sounding like a small tug boat thruogh most of the treatment. Poor Khun Ploy.

The Spa in ambiance itself is very warm, inviting and the right kind of atmosphere for a relaxing hour or two. The Spa does monthly specials and in January the Spa has introduced a special new spa treatment that is inspired by and adapted to the winter season with a special Winter Warm Up package at a special price. The treatment starts with an Aromatic Floral or Steam Bath for 30 minutes, Sesame Scrub for 30 minutes and ends with an Aromatic Warm Oil Massage for 60 minutes. The special package rate is only Baht 3,200 nett per person. My treatment was bliss so I am sure the Winter Warm Up package tops as well.

Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa
33 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin
Tel: 032 538 999


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